Moses Chan: “The baby is a gift from heaven”

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More endorsements are rolling in for Moses Chan after his wedding with Aimee Chan. The TVB actor also had an early experience of how it is like to be a father after carrying a boy at a promotional event in Guangzhou, China.

Moses was looking radiant after his marriage. He shared that he did not lost his freedom and marriage life has made him more mature. Being a first time father, Moses has been seeking advice from friends about parenthood. He has also gained a lot of baby knowledge from Ada Choi.

Till now, Moses is clueless about the gender of his baby but said that he had no preference. Moses said, “The baby is a gift from heaven. Whether it is a boy or a girl, it doesn’t matter. We will see who runs out first.”

When asked if Aimee would retire from the showbiz, Moses said, “She is a very good actress. I feel that it is a waste of talent if I do not allow her to continue. We will wait till she delivers the baby. I believe she will be able to strike a balance between work and family. She will continue acting.”

To prioritise his family, Moses has shelved aside his plan to open a cafe. “This is my dream. I will definitely complete it. I have to do one job well at a time. I hope to protect Aimee and the baby and make them happy.”

Source: Sina 

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