Myolie Wu trusts her fiancé, Philip Lee

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Myolie Wu’s fiancé, Philip Lee was seen at a pub recently, surrounded by several women.

According to Hong Kong tabloids, Philip was initially drinking with a group of caucasian male friends. Shortly after, two women noticed Philip and took the intiative to flirt with him.

Someone who was at the pub disclosed that Philip did not seem to know the two women at first. A woman who wore an off-the-shoulder blouse walked towards Philip and whispered to him closely.

A while later, another woman wearing a tank top also took initiative to befriend him. Philip and the woman were whispering and chatting happily. The woman even rested her hand on his shoulders.

Even though Philip was approached by the women, he did not reciprocate the flirting, but it seemed that he was happy to get the attention from the women.

Myolie trusted her fiancé wholeheartedly and responded, “He is just engaging in a normal social gathering. Everyone is holding a phone to take photos nowadays, so anyone can be a paparazzi. It’s not strange at all. He has some friends coming from England lately. It was just a gathering.”

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. Jennie Nguyen Reply

    Myolie, This is just coming from my thoughts because I can’t just fly over there and say this. If you can give your “fiancée” a chance, why can’t you give Bosco a chance just because you’re too desperate to get marry with him and not spend your life single. The time you spend with Bosco is more than with Philip and getting marry is a very important thing due to all the news and what you say yourself. You should spend more time to think about the wedding. I know you’re desperate to get marry but you don’t know a lot about Philip and you’re trying to control the things that you don’t know. I know that you’re getting married in a few days and this comment would not have any effect but I have been a fan of you ever since I was four and the sister- fan relationship I develop is just one sided but I really want you to think about it. I know that your relationship with Bosco is over and no one and heal or fix it but you wanted to get back together and held back. I want to ask you why. We fans know more about Bosco and you than ever. I know that you think of this as a negative post or not even read it or even report it but I want you to choose what is best for you. Who do you really love an eight year relationship or love at first sight and one year based marriage? This is all I was to say. Good luck on your marriage!!!! Live happily.