Myolie Wu wears a HK$200,000 traditional wedding dress on her big day!

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Today is Myolie Wu’s and her boyfriend, Philip Lee’s big day!

The groom picked Myolie up in a Rolls-Royce from her house at about 7.30 am this morning. He brought along a group of 23 “brothers” to pick up the bride. Myolie also had 11 “sisters” as her bridesmaids and they included her good friends, Nancy Wu, Mandy Wong, Elaine Yiu, Paisley Wu, Sire Ma and Selena Li.

In the morning, Myolie wore a traditional wedding dress, Qun Kua which symbolises luck, happiness and prosperity for the auspicious day. The dragon and phoenix images on the Qun Kua were hand sewn and embroidered, and it costs HK$200,000! This expensive piece is also a symbol of distinguished person wearing it.

Myolie also wore the dragon and phoenix bangles on her left hand, and a golden pig necklace which symbolised fertility.

The couple first held a tea ceremony at Myolie’s house. After the tea ceremony, a Chinese wedding planner (commonly known as Da Jin Jie in Hong Kong) sheltered Myolie with a red umbrella down her house. The entourage then left for the groom’s house.

To save time, the couple held the second tea ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. After the tea ceremony, they proceeded to the Hong Kong Jockey Club Beas River Country Club for their wedding solemnization.

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