Nicky Wu’s love declaration to Cecilia Liu: I will listen to you

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After completing the Chinese customary wedding, Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu held their wedding ceremony in Bali yesterday at 5 pm. Their wedding was officiated by veteran actor, Damian Lau who starred with the couple in Bubu Jingxin. 

Wearing a lovely CARVEN wedding gown, Cecilia first walked down the aisle with her father. When her father handed her to Nicky, he read out a very sentimental love declaration to Cecilia.



Nicky said, “It was more than once that I complained about God. I blamed him for not treating me well, and treating me unfairly. I had to experience many strange ordeals and unhappy events, but now, I finally understand why. Because he is saving the best for last to me!”

Nicky then paused and choked on his tears. He then said to Cecilia, “I will listen to you.”

Touched by Nicky’s words, Cecilia also cried and said to him, “I will always lend you my shoulders to lean on. Love is always about giving warmth to each other.”

Nicky wiped off the tears from Cecilia’s face, and hugged her passionately. The guests were also moved to tears, and applauded for the couple.

Over 300 guests attended their wedding, Little Tigers Alec Su and Julian Chen were Nicky’s groomsmen. Annie Liu was the Maid-of-Honor. Other guests included Yuan Hong, Chang Hsiao-yen, Wallace Huo, Tong Dawei, Matilda Tao, etc.


At the wedding dinner, Nicky even shared his baby plans. “I hope to have 5 kids!” Yuan Hong then teased the couple, “You have to battle till daylight!”

Since it was such a rare reunion for Little Tigers, Nicky, Alec and Julian also took the opportunity to sing on stage. Little Tigers mentor, Chang Hsiao-yen also recounted the band days on stage, and after hearing her words, the trio broke down in tears.

When it was Matilda Tao’s turn to go up stage, she asked Cecilia, “Why did you choose Nicky?”
Cecilia smiled, “He is filial, mature and treats me well.”







Source:, Apple Daily, Sina

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