Peter Ho’s wife cursed by his fans after he announced his marriage

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40-year-old Taiwanese-American singer, Peter Ho announced his marriage with 8 years girlfriend, Peggy last month. 

Yesterday, Peter attended an event and disclosed that he would hold a wedding banquet on September 1 in Taipei, and Dylan Kuo will be his groomsman. Peter has been troubled with the guests list recently, and planning the seating arrangements have given him a lot of headache.

When asked if there was any difference on his life before and after marriage, Peter said, “It’s more or less the same. I think the changes will be more significant after we have kids. I hope we have a baby soon.”

Peter also shared that he would prefer to have a boy. He said, “I cannot imagine my daughter would date someone after she grows up.”

After announcing his marriage, Peter’s wife Peggy has received hostile messages from his fans. One fan even left a note on her accessories brand fan page, “I hope you will fall to death when you wear heels.”

Peggy responded calmly, “Wearing high heels is the strength of a saleswoman. I will take note of it.”

Peter has confident in his wife’s high EQ, “She knows how to handle such things. I won’t intervene.”

Source: Apple Daily

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