Ron Ng: “Dating is so troublesome!”

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It is considered a rocky year for Ron Ng last year. His romance with ex-girlfriend, Viann Zhang did not end on a good note and was plagued by scandals one after another.

First, he was accused of dating multiple women at the same time and then his explicit phone messages with an unknown woman surfaced. While filming for Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲宵II> in Sanya, Hainan, Ron’s wild party behaviour with co-star Toby Leung was published. All these negative reports resulted in a plunge in his reputation and popularity.

For the past few months, Ron has been diligently striving on his career and spends more time with his family. He picks himself up from his failed romance and the scandalous reports. His mindset in life has also changed. In his younger days, he is fond of buying luxurious car but now, Ron’s objective is to buy a bigger apartment for his parents to live comfortably in.

Asked if there was any woman who took the initiative towards him, Ron replied, “How do you define initiative? There is! They are Hong Kong women but they are not from the showbiz”. However, the 33-year-old TVB actor will not consider any relationship at this moment as he finds that dating is tiring.

Ron’s relationship with Viann was a turbulent one. The Chinese actress posted a bed photo of herself on his Weibo, which led to speculations if she was “staking her claim” on Ron as  her boyfriend. Viann also got into fiery exchanges with his fans and the couple had been breaking up and reconciling several times. The 2-year relationship eventually ended when Viann embraced a new romance with mainland actor, Li Chen.

Asked if he was afraid of mainland women, Ron replied, “No, it’s not that. I just want to quiet down for a while. All of a sudden, I did not know what to do when all these things happened. When I recalled all these happenings, I am happier enjoying my personal space now. After working, I have time to spend with my family and I have so many friends who care about me. I feel that if I start to date now, it is so troublesome!”

Ron has also consulted a geomancer who advised him not to go into any relationships in these few years. “The fengshui master said that I should be focusing on my career at this age. It’s best not to think about dating now. He did not say that dating was forbidden but it’s best not to think. However, it can’t be helped if fate is here”.

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