Sean Lau’s speech moved his wife to tears!

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Sean Lau clinched the Best Actor award for his stunning performance in Overheard 3 <竊聽風雲3> at the 34th annual Hong Kong Film Awards. This is also his second time winning this award.

Before announcing the winner, Miriam Yeung asked the five little girls who they thought would win the award. Three children chose Sean and praised that he was handsome and cool. When he received the trophy on stage, Sean said jokingly, “Are you sure that you have not mistaken me as Louis Koo?”

Sean thanked his family, film investor, the film director Derek Yee, screenwriters Felix Chong and Alan Mak. He ended his speech by thanking his wife, Amy Kwok.

“This is very important! Female viewers like listening to this part. Whenever I drive my spaceship to nowhere, you always have a way to make me return to the earth,” said Sean.

Amy was moved to tears after hearing the touching speech.


Vicki Zhao edged out  Charlene Choi, Sandra Ng, Tang Wei and Zhou Xun to win the Best Actress award for her role in Dearest <親愛的>.

Vicki was shocked when she was announced as the winner. “I never thought it’s me! I did not prepare any thank you speech at all. I put in a lot of effort to prepare a thank you speech for the Golden Horse Film Awards which I did not get a chance to share.”

“I have been to Hong Kong so many years. I dare to say that I know all the people here. I have to thank director Peter Chan for casting me in this role. Although others see this character as very pathetic, I was very happy portraying the role. I would like to thank all the actors in the film. Everyone is very outstanding. Thank you Hong Kong film awards and my family. I want to remember this special moment.”


34th annual Hong Kong Film Awards: Winners in major award categories

Best Film
The Golden Era <黄金时代>

Best Director
Ann Hui

Best Screenplay
Alan Mak, Felix Chong (Overheard 3 窃听风云3)

Best Male Actor
Sean Lau (Overheard 3)

Best Female Actress
Vicki Zhao (Dearest 亲爱的)

Best Supporting Male Actor
Kenneth Tsang (Overheard 3)

Best Supporting Actress
Ivana Wong (Golden Chicken SSS 金鸡 SSS)

Best New Performer
Ivana Wong (Golden Chickensss)


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