Sexy model promises to ‘wrap up’ herself for boyfriend, Real Huang

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Earlier, F.I.R’s guitarist, Real Huang was spotted kissing passionately with 20-year-old web model, Flora, who is known to possess a busty 30F figure.

Attending an event recently, Real admitted dating the sexy model, and exclaimed, “Please! Even nerds have the right to fall in love!”

Real also said that he is currently very happy with his new relationship and hopes to settle down before 40.

Real and F.I.R’s lead vocalist, Faye dated for a few years before splitting in 2010. Faye is aware of his new girlfriend and sends her blessings to the couple.

She said, “This is good for him. After all, Real is not getting younger, and it’s time for him to have a stable relationship.”

Meanwhile, F.I.R’s new love Flora also talked about her new romance at the Kangxi Coming <康熙來了> variety programme.

Flora revealed that they had met in 2013. “His company was recruiting newcomers and discovered me. After knowing me, he started to court me.”

Flora also expressed that for Real, she will “try to wrap up” herself and will not take scantily clad photos again.

Source: Ettoday 

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    Why does she look like plastic? Those eyes and lips; look like Japanese anime…