Takeshi Kaneshiro dresses sloppily

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2527D8E7EE533D619ED4F7E022B2E1A fashion disaster for Takeshi Kaneshiro?

While filming for John Woo’s latest movie, The Crossing <太平輪>, 40-year-old Takeshi appeared in a ‘fisherman’ look, dressing in a polo tee, casual pants and a big hat on his head. He was totally unrecognizable in the outfit while walking out from his hotel.

After getting ready for the filming, Takeshi was changed in a white shirt and regained his suave and charming look again.

Takeshi’s ‘fisherman’ look has become a hot topic among his fans.

Responding to his sloppy dress sense, his manager said, “I think it’s fine. He prefers to keep his dressing low-key and comfortably.”

The working crew also revealed that besides his sloppy dress sense, he is also a loner. He prefers to be kept alone and stays at his room when he is not required for filming.


Source: Apple Daily 

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