Takeshi Kaneshiro prefers to age naturally

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While many celebs have undergone the surgeon’s knife to defy their age, this isn’t the case of Takeshi Kaneshiro.

In the 90s, Takeshi made his singing debut and quickly captured the attention of many female fans. His popularity skyrocketed after starring in the Japanese drama, God, Please Give Me More Time as a dashing musician who fell in love with a fan. Many would still have remember Takeshi taking the role as the most handsome Zhuge Liang in the Red Cliff <赤壁>.

It came as a shock to many when a 40-year-old Takeshi recently appeared in an Eva Air advertisement, looking puffy, wobbly and ‘meatier’.

Once photo of his recent advertisement surfaced, netizens are quick to pinpoint that he is “visibly older with wobbly cheeks.” Many have commented that he looks haggard and puts on significant weight. Some even poke fun at him and address him as “Ojisan” (uncle in Japanese).

Takeshi’s loyal fans have defended their idol and think that the hectic filming schedule may have caused his haggardness.

Responding to the various criticisms, Takeshi’s manager responded, “Every stage presents different condition. You can’t expect him to stay at 20 forever. He uses facial products and exercises regularly, but it is not to tone up his body but to stay healthy.”

Asked if Takeshi would undergo the knife to rejuvenate his youth, his manager said, “He is not interested. He thinks that it’s better to be natural.”


Source: Apple Daily 

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  1. Lucy Reply

    He’ll look better in the end if he ages naturally. So many celebrities here in the States have work done and they look freakish. I applaud his decision.

  2. Abbey Reply

    I actually have never taken interested or noticed takeshi in any films even though if saw him in many films, such as house of flying dagger, warlords, red cliff. He did not appeal to me then . But fell in love with him from the Eva” I see you commercial” that you posted above. I love him looking mature as you may called “old” . I looked him up after the commercial and found out who he is! I Love him for what he is now.

  3. Maree Kenendy Reply

    I commend Takeshi for preferring to remain natural. Going under the knife turns one into a plastic figure that looks like a Ken doll gone completely wrong. I implore those people to look at themselves in the mirror and admit you still have a youthful appearance when you were twenty…be honest. Leave the man alone, he still pushes my buttons. He’s not out to impress anyone and appears to look after himself regardless of his age he still has movie star quality. He should not be treated differently because of his looks.