TVB City shuts down after visit by singer who tested positive for Covid-19

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Yesterday, TVB announced the shutdown of its heaquarters, TVB City after a 24-year-old singer Zaina Sze (施匡翹) tested positive for Covid-19.

Since early July, Zaina has been promoting her album at TVB City and various radio stations, and has come into contact with many singers, DJs, artistes and crew staff. She reportedly has come into contact with 100 staff from TVB.

Zaina is the first Hong Kong celebrity to have contracted the virus. Her manager Apple Lai-ping Lau, Apple’s boyfriend Robert Mak Tak Law, and a publicity staff are confirmed to have tested positive as well. The news has shocked the Hong Kong entertainment industry, as the team is believed to have come into contact with various people from the industry before they were tested.

In a statement released, TVB said that all reporters would be forbidden from entering the TVB City. Live programme visit and recording visit for two programmes will be cancelled as well.

TVB City will undergo a thorough disinfection, especially the premises visited by the positive cases. TVB has also done contact tracing for about 100 staff who are likely to have come into contact with the singer, and has arranged for them to do a testing at the hospital.

About 30 staff have tested and results are negative. Artistes who have tested include Benjamin Yuen, Vincent Wong, Mandy Wong and Lai Lok-yi, whose results are all negative.

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