Him Law gives preview that Tony Hung is going to be a dad soon!

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TVB actors, Him Law and Tony Hung attended a dinner banquet for ‘Armed Reaction 2020’ (陀槍師姐2020).

Now that the filming has ended, Him can finally shave off his beard. When asked if his daughter is happier seeing him without beard, Him said, “She is very proud. She looks elsewhere after taking a glance at me, but my wife is so happy seeing me without beard.”

Him revealed that they had named their daughter, and will reveal her name at the 100-day banquet.

Him also joking said that Tony would be a father very soon. When reporters teased Tony that it would be easier for his girlfriend to get pregnant as they are living together, he said, “We are also progressing towards this direction. Anyway, I will let everyone know if there is any good news. I am ready! I am already at this age. Him is younger than me and he is already a father. But, I will not plan on it, will seek experience from Him!”

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