Vic Chou sells NT$30 million sports car to get married?

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Vic Chou’s relationship with Reen Yu has been very stable. Earlier, tabloids claimed that Vic had intended to tie the knot soon, and sold his NT$30 million sports car to hold a grand wedding for his girlfriend.

At a recent promotional event for his latest film Detective Gui <宅女偵探桂香>, Vic dismissed the wedding rumours and clarified that he had sold the car because he seldom used it.

“I have been very busy and workload has increased. I don’t have time to use the car. I just sold something away which I didn’t use it. It’s that simple,” said Vic.

Vic also shared that he preferred to keep his relationship low-key and said he preferred a simple life.

“I don’t like to live a life too much like a celebrity,” said Vic.

Vic also said that he would not hide his marriage from fans if he were to get married one day. He shared that he had envisioned to get married when he was just 19.

“When I was 19, I thought that I would get married at 20. When I was 20, I thought I would get married at 25. When I reached 28, I didn’t plan for it anymore. Plans can never keep up with the constant changes.”

Source: Ettoday

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