Vivian Hsu has given birth to a baby boy!

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Vivian Hsu’s first bundle of joy has arrived!

The Taiwanese celebrity gave birth via Caesarean section at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore on August 13. Her baby weighs 2 kg.

Vivian shared the happy news on her Facebook, and said that she could only announce her birth news now as she had been resting for the past few days.

Vivian and her husband, Sean Lee have named their first baby, Dalton. The name, Dalton was chosen as both Vivian and Sean’s names end with an “n”, and “D” comes in between “C” and “E” as in Vivian’s step-daughters’ names, Clara and Elisha.

Vivian wrote, “Mummy says I have long eyes and long fingers like hers, and I look like daddy in other areas! Granny says I am more handsome than daddy! I will grow up and be a strong Leo, like a lion king. I will protect my family and help others when I grow up.”


The 40-year-old Vivian had a difficult pregnancy. She was confined to bed for 142 days, and had taken 300 injections. She revealed that due to her health, the doctor had initially targeted for the baby to reach 28 weeks’ gestation, but she tried her best to ensure her baby reached 32 weeks’ gestation.

She wrote, “……. mummy is working very hard very day and kept telling us, ‘We must reach 32 weeks, 2 kg’ so that I will not suffer too much when I am born. And, we really did it!”

Source: Apple Daily

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