Zhang Ziyi speculated to be pregnant again

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Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and her rock musician husband Wang Feng welcomed their baby boy in January this year.

A few days ago, the 41-year-old Ziyi was spotted with her daughter Xing Xing walking on the streets. Although she just gave birth only in January, Ziyi does not seem to put on weight.

However, reporters spotted a baby bump under her white shirt. She was also seen supporting her waist while she walked, leading to speculations if she is pregnant again.

On the other hand, there are rumours that since Ziyi has 2 children, she has neglected Wang Feng and his ex-wife’s daughter, Apple. However, she posted a video of her 15-year-old stepdaughter, and said, “Big sister dances so well! First place for the dancing competition. Mummy is so proud.”

On Father’s day, she also posted a photo of Wang Feng and their children.

Source: On.cc

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