Kevin Cheng rejects reconciling with Charmaine Sheh?


38-year-old Charmaine had a string of rumours with her co-stars, but none turns out to be her Mr Right. Turning into 40 soon, the Hong Kong actress reportedly is anxious about her marriage. Recently, Charmaine even ditches the China market and re-joins TVB, hoping that this would increase her chance to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Cheng.

In 2007, Kevin and Charmaine hooked up after filming Forensics Heroes 2 <法證先鋒II>. Kevin allegedly even ended his 5-year relationship with Niki Chow because of Charmaine. Being an onscreen golden couple, Kevin and Charmaine unfortunately broke up in the end.

An insider said, “At that time, Charmaine really liked Kevin a lot and was serious about him. However, she could not accept that he stayed in a rented apartment in the village and drove an old car. After a few geomancers told her that Kevin would not have a bright future, she decided to break up with him.”

Two years ago, Kevin’s popularity suddenly skyrocketed after filming Scarlet Heart <步步驚心> and Charmaine was said to be trying to patch things back with him.

“Last year, Charmaine had been sending text messages to ask for reconciliation.  However, now that he [Kevin] has turned into a diamond bachelor,  many women throw themselves on him. He cannot be bothered with her,” said the insider

Last week, Kevin attended an event with Charmaine for the sake of the high remuneration. Wearing a striking pink mini-skirt and a 5-inch high heels, Charmaine reportedly was working her charm on Kevin.

However, Kevin was not interested in the reconciliation and dismissed his reconciliation rumour with Charmaine. He also added to the press that he was only friends with Charmaine.

Meanwhile, tabloids also claimed that Charmaine had turned to work her charm onto Steven Ma after failing to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend. At a friend’s wedding banquet, Charmaine allegedly got close to Steven and tried to offer him some drinks.


Source: HK Channel

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One thought on “Kevin Cheng rejects reconciling with Charmaine Sheh?

  1. Charmaine Sheh is a beautiful and lovely Chinese Asian woman and with nicer looking skin, looks 6-7 years younger than her age. If she is 38 years old, that is 2 years away, a long time until turning 40, is not turning 40 soon, (i,.e. not 2 months away).

    Chinese Asian men and women who are 40 years old are younger, and that is a young age to be, 10 years much younger than 50. These different ages with 22 years, 32 years and 42 years are young ages to be for a person.

    Caucasian actresses are manipulative, not polite, using money to bribe some Chinese people to fight or to make false compliments about ugly and fat western or ugly Spanish actresses, using digital alteration to appear 25 lbs falsely slimmer to try to copy more slender Chinese women,

    Many Chinese Asian actresses have more beautiful figures and faces (that do not make false compliments about western actresses) than evil caucasian women actresses (with pores on their skin) who are 46 years old (that look 53 years old or 52 years of age but look 56 years.

    As a Chinese Asian woman, I am 36 years old, and I am a young person,
    Those evil caucasian woman are jealous and racist that I Cuifen (Garnet) Tong have a much more beautiful figure and face than them. Those older and/or younger caucasian people in the office or in western movies have fat elephant asses, are not skinny and are fat, look ugly, regardless of whether they are 53 or 28 or 34 or 40.

    Take it easy and no need to rush having a good time with the Chinese actress’s birthday this year. Anything soon means like 2 weeks away versus two years is a long time, 25 years in the future is a long long time from now or 50 years is a longer, long time.

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