Aaron Kwok versus Tony Leung in “Cold War”

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Yesterday, a glittering lineup of “Cold War” (寒战) stars attended its premier event at Hong Kong.

The spotlight shone onto the two heavyweight actors, Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and Tony Leung (梁家辉). In the film, Aaron plays a Deputy Commissioner of Police (Administration) and Tony plays the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operation) who pitted against one another in a rescue mission.

At the premier event, the two camps in the film were revealed. In Tony’s camp were Eddie Yu (彭于晏), Andy On (安志杰) and Joyce Cheng (郑欣宜). Aaron’s camp included Charlie Yeung (杨采妮), Aarif Lee (李治廷), Chin Kar-lok (钱嘉乐) and Terence Yin (尹子维).

Both the film directors Longman Leung (梁乐民) and Sunny Luk (陆剑青) wish to present a film that “thinks out of the box” and differs from the classic crime thriller film.

Talking about the creativity of the film, Director Leung said, “The typical Hong Kong film describes how the police nab the criminals. They never explore deep into the bureaucratic system of the police force. What’s special about ‘Cold War’ is that it will develop from the power struggle of the internal force of the police.”

Besides boasting about the prolific actors in Asia, the film also hired a top-notch filming crew from Hollywood film “Batman”. To present more realistic scenes, the four actors (Aaron, Tony, Aarif, Eddie) in the film will also dubbed their own voices in the Chinese version.

At the recent 17th Annual Busan Film Festival in South Korea, “Cold War” received rave reviews from the overseas guests, international media and leading magazines.

Originally scheduled to premier in 18 October 2012, “Cold War” is now set to release in Hong Kong and China theatres in 8 November 2012.

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