Andy Lau’s ‘Switch’ grosses 200 million RMB amid negative reviews

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With a stellar cast of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan’s actors, Switch <天机·富春山居图> has grossed 200 million RMB since releasing in Chinese theatres on 9 June 2013.

The movie boasts a star-studded cast consisting of heavenly king Andy Lau, Lin Chi-ling, Zhang Jingchu and Tong Dawei. The story evolves around Andy, who plays a special agent trying to recover a stolen painting known as ‘Dwelling in Fuchun Mountains’.

Although Switch was lauded for its impeccable visual effects, viewers have criticized the movie for its disoriented plot and confusing theme. The movie has lost its focus and over pack with all the commercial elements of science, action, horror, magic, gymnastics, treasure hunting and even sadomasochism. Viewers also blamed the confusing relationships between the various main characters and the illogical development in the movie.

Facing the criticisms, Andy replied calmly, “I have done my best to play every role. I believe everyone has seen my efforts. I have put in my soul in my performance, but I will accept the outcome. I will also learn from the mistakes.”

Despite the poor reviews, Switch has been generating strong earnings in the China box office. Some viewers have also praised the movie for its exciting visuals and the beautiful scenery. Chi-ling’s different images and daring bed scenes were lauded by the audience too.

Source: Sina 

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