Anthony Wong not happy with Show Luo’s apology

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A simple question from Anthony Wong, “Who is Show Luo” has created unsatisfaction from Show’s fans. It has also created an awkwardness between Show and Anthony for the past six months. Even Alan Tam volunteered to be the peacemaker between the both parties. 

When asked if he would try to reconcile with Anthony, Show replied, “I am a junior and will need to check with Brother Anthony on his schedule. I think he is quite busy too”.

Show also said that the incident did not cause any disturbance to him. The Taiwanese pop star is particularly happy when he learnt that Anthony was not unhappy with him, but was only unsatisfied with his fans for harassing him on his Weibo.

Show replied, “It was nothing actually. I apologise to him on behalf of my fans. I am very happy with Brother Anthony’s reply. It is coming to a new year soon. I hope that everyone is happy. It is most important to be in harmony”.

However, Anthony reportedly is not happy with Show’s apology and urges the pop star to keep an eye on his fans.

Anthony wrote on his Weibo, “Since you admitted that your fans are over-reacting, why are you always apologising for others? Why did you not ask them to apologise and stop all these unreasonable and rude harassment? The fans are scolding repeatedly and then you are there hoping to be in harmony. This is not stupidity but poisonous!”


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