Bobby Au-yeung’s dramatic weight loss sparks concern

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Former TVB actor, Bobby Au-yeung recently filmed two videos to teach his fans some simple exercises and how to keep themselves fit.

Now that the pandemic is affecting across the world, Bobby’s workload has also reduced, and he took the time to share some health tips with his fans. In the videos, he was teaching his fans how to lightly beat the various body parts for better blood circulation.

As Bobby is visibly so much thinner than before, his weight loss also sparks a concern with his fans.

Responding on his weight loss, the humorous Bobby said, “Actually, I have been that thin. It’s an illusion that you think I am fat. This method of beating yourself is a form of exercise, and it’s taught by my wife. Maybe, she has wanted to beat me for a long time, and does not want to do it herself. So, she taught me this!”


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