Bowie Tsang celebrates birthday with hunk

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Bowie Tsang celebrated her 40th birthday in a memorable fashion.

Bowie was hosting a Chinese new year show with her father, Eric Tsang in Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas on 13th February 2013. After the event, Bowie’s family and friends threw a surprise birthday bash for her as her birthday falls on 21st February 2013.

Bowie received an even bigger surprise when a Caucasian hunky man walked towards her with a cake and even tried to “seduce” her. The hunk first pulled Bowie on a chair when she tried to escape. When he stripped down to a tight singlet, Bowie got nervous and did not dare to look at the male model.

When it was time to sing a birthday song, Bowie was extremely emotional. Her younger brother, Derek Tsang immediately went over and hugged her.

Choking back on her tears, Bowie said, “I have been thinking about the kind of birthday I want. I will not forget this birthday celebration. Thank you everyone”.

Although her father, Eric was drunk and did not witness the entire celebration, Bowie did not mind and even joked, “It is the best birthday as I am able to celebrate with my family, my friends and a father who is drunk”.

Source: Apple Daily 

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