Charmaine Sheh on patching back with Kevin Cheng: “Ask god”

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Recently, Charmaine Sheh attended a celebratory dinner of Line Walker <使徒行者>, hosted by TVB Chairman Norman Leung. At the dinner, Charmaine was asked about her reconciliation rumours with ex-boyfriend, Kevin Cheng.

Last week, the ex-couple was said to attend Raymond Cho’s 50th birthday celebration, and rumoured to have patched things back together. The duo was said to have chatted and having fun together at the party.

Charmaine clarified that it was a misunderstanding, and she had attended another party which happened to be at the same venue. She said, “There was a party next door, and we partied separately, but we did chat.”

“We haven’t been in contact for a while. I was a little drunk that day, and can’t remember much. We did have a lot of fun.”

Charmaine said she is still waiting for her Mr Right. Asked if her Mr Right was Kevin, Charmaine said, “You have to ask god! (Is he chasing after you?) Everything is up to fate!”


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