Charmaine Sheh to collaborate with Sean Lau and Nick Cheung in “Line Walker” movie

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TVB series, Line Walker <使徒行者> has received rave reviews by audience and is the highest rated TVB series last year. The series has also swept the Best Drama at 2014 TVB Anniversary Awards.

Lead actress, Charmaine Sheh also swept the TV Queen titles at Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards 2014, TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014 and  2014 TVB Anniversary Awards in Hong Kong.

TVB has since announced plans to film a movie version of Line Walker and intends to help her clinch the Best Actress title at the major film awards.

Besides reuniting Charmaine and “Burst Seed” Raymond Lam, two big names Sean Lau and Nick Cheung are said to be invited to star in the film.

The movie version will still centre on the lives of the undercover cops and will film in the Golden Crescent in Middle East.

After filming Return of the Cuckoo <十月初五的月光> movie, Charmaine will commence to film the Line Walker.


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  1. jen Reply

    Middle east? Too far fetched. Winning best actress in film? I love Ah Sheh, but it aint happening anytime soon.

    I’m assuming its set post tv series?

  2. joyce Reply

    Why Charmaine always act in the remake of tvb drama! Boring!