Charmaine Sheh to Kevin Cheng: “I hope he finds his happiness”

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Kevin Cheng was recently photographed kissing a woman at the night club on new year’s eve. Attending an event, Charmaine was asked to respond about her ex-boyfriend’s intimate behaviour with the woman.

Charmaine said that she did not read the news and did not know about it. Asked if Kevin would take the initiative to chase after women, Charmaine said, “You have to ask him. Why are you asking me? (Was Kevin the one who courted you first back then?) I don’t know!”

Charmaine also denied that she had reconciled with Kevin, saying that the rumours were all created by the tabloids.

“All along, you guys are the ones who said it,” said Charmaine.

Charmaine also sent her blessings to Kevin and said, “I really hope that he finds his happiness. It’s important as long as he is happy.”

Asked about her current status, Charmaine said, “I am very happy too. Thank you everyone.”

Nancy Sit, who has been trying to matchmake Kevin and Charmaine together again clarified that she had misunderstood the ex-couple.

Nancy said, “I saw Kevin and Charmaine had sparks in their eyes. I asked Charmaine before, but she denied. I thought that she was embarrassed. However, if Kevin has found his other half, I will congratulate him!”

When asked that Kevin’s love interest was a busty woman, Nancy said, “I don’t think Kevin is the type who goes for figure. He is very hardworking and a handsome man. Most importantly, they have to click!”

Meanwhile, Kevin responded on his kissing photo at night club, and said, “Thank you everyone for your concern. I am not young anymore. I also hope to find a companion, and don’t wish to be lonely. Please give me some personal space.”


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