Cheryl Yang spotted with new beau

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Yesterday, Cheryl Yang was spotted on a date with a man in suit at a steakhouse when an earthquake occurred.

During the meal, Cheryl and the man were chatting happily and her attention was focused on the man. An earthquake then occurred during their date, and Cheryl was shocked. During this time, the man calmly asked Cheryl to turn her body to balance herself. He also browsed through the earthquake news with her on the phone, trying to divert her attention.

The man was identified as Ben, an owner of a oil equipment company. Taiwanese media reported that Ben used to date a model, Lucy Lee and they broke up in June last year.

Cheryl broke up with her photographer boyfriend at end of last year, and got to know Ben through Phoebe Huang. They have just started dating for a month.


Cheryl has since admitted her new relationship, and praised her new beau for being “upright and filial”. She also said that they had endless topics to chat from religion, food, travelling and lifestyle. Cheryl’s mother has also met her new boyfriend.

Cheryl said, “He’s someone whom I want to give him happiness.”

Cheryl revealed that during a meal, most of her friends would urge her to finish all the food to prevent wastage. However, Ben always tells her, “If you can’t finish, don’t eat. Your stomach is most important.”

She felt touched by his gesture. Cheryl also said that they were both single when they entered into the relationship.

Asked if Ben was a rich businessman, Cheryl denied, “He belongs to the middle class. He is still working hard for his career.”

She also said that flash wedding would not be possible, and she would only consider marriage after a year of dating.

Source: Apple Daily

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