Christine Kuo dismisses weight gain due to contraceptives

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At the recent Starhub TVB Awards 2013 in Singapore, Christine Kuo was spotted to put on a tremendous amount of weight and it was a vast difference from her curvaceous figure before.

Tabloids subsequently reported that Christine’s dramatic weight gain was due to a long-term taking of contraceptive pills.

Responding to the rumours, Christine clarified that her weight gain was due to her hectic work schedule which resulted in insufficient rest. She also attributed her weight gain to stress, citing that the negative reports was constantly causing her in distress.

Dismissing the reports angrily, Christine said, “That report was untrue and irresponsible. I did not take any contraceptive pills. Please do not ruin my reputation. I can just laugh off the reports in the past, but now it has stepped on my baseline. Do not think that my silence can allow you to write in such exaggerating manner. I will discuss with my lawyer. I do not wish to tolerate it again.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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