‘Cold War’ tops box office in China and Hong Kong

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Touted as Hong Kong’s best crime thriller film in ten years, Cold War breaks the box office records in Hong Kong and China.

Starring veterans Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Tony Leung Ka-Fai (梁家辉); and new generation actors Aarif Lee (李治廷), Eddie Yu (彭于晏), Cold War collected an impressive RMB90 million (as of 11 November) since its premiere in China. It may easily surpass RMB100 million if consolidating the box office of the last two days.

Cold War takes the top spot at the Hong Kong box office on its premier day, edging out James Bond film Skyfall to the second spot. Its first day already took in HK$2.01 million and film critics have called it a revival of hope for Hong Kong films.

Although Cold War has similar theme to Internal Affairs  of how police and robbers trying to outwit one another, the film injects a new element and refreshing message to the audiences.

Famous Taiwanese writer Giddens Ko (九把刀) has rave revews for the film, calling it a “brilliant and intense movie”. Many film directors, Li Shaohong (李少红), Gu Changwei (顾长卫) and Manfred Wong (文隽) have also strongly recommended the film.

Watch Chinese trailer of Cold War

Source: ent.sina.com, ent.qq.com

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