Cyndi Wang suspected to undergo plastic surgery

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Taiwanese actress-singer Cyndi Wang is suspected to go under the knife after a series of her recent photos were compared to her past photos.

After comparison of her photo ten years ago, netizens pointed that her looks have changed and she has sharper nose and pointed chin now. Even her lips has changed visibly.

One netizen said, “Does your mother even recognises you after your plastic surgery?”

Another netizen said, “Where did you do your lips? It’s the same as Angelababy?”

Others netizens also remarked that Cyndi’s features now resemble S.H.E’s Hebe Tien and Angelababy.

Cyndi’s manager has dismissed her plastic surgery rumours and calling them absurd. Cyndi’s boyfriend, Yao Yuan Hao did not think that there are any changes to her looks and feels sorry that his girlfriend has suffered from the rumours.


Source: Sina, Yes Entertainment 

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