Dayo says he and Chilam are like cousins

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1220-00282-001b1Yesterday, Dayo Wong finally collected his TV King trophy at the TVB City. TVB held a Best Actor Award presentation ceremony for Dayo and his co-stars from Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> all turned up to support him.

The comedian actor received his trophy and gave a quirky speech. Expressing his thoughts about winning the award, Dayo said, “Never initiate, never resist and never responsible. I have never actively pursued for any awards, so the news about inside trading is not true.”

There was rumour that Dayo had agreed to film a drama for TVB next year in return for the TV King award. Dayo confessed that TVB had indeed invited him to host a variety programme with Carol Cheng next year, but he had declined it due to his hectic schedule.

The newly crowned TV King joked, “So the inside trading will have to take place in 2016! It will even be later than the general election!”

Dayo also said that this award was the accumulation of his series of TVB dramas, War of the Genders <男親女愛>, Men Don’t Cry <奸人堅> and You’re Hired <絕代商驕> all these years.

Dayo said that Kate Tsui had reminded him to dress in formal attire for the award collection. He has also been receiving endless congratulatory messages from friends recently. He felt that TVB was heading a good direction to present award to a nominee who was absent.

“This has surpassed TVB. It is a good direction for the era,” said Dayo.

When asked about Chilam’s ungracious speech on stage, Dayo refused to comment. Dayo revealed that his relationship with Chilam and Anita were like cousins.

“I have filmed with Anita many years ago and since then, we have been addressing each other as cousins. I have witnessed Chilam and her getting married and having kid, so I treat them like my own relatives. I will not say anything that will cause misunderstanding.”

Asked if Anita had congratulated him, Dayo said, “She doesn’t have my number, but whenever we bump into each other, we will chat excitedly.”

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Source: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily 

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