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After coming out from the closet,  the public has taken an interest in Denise Ho’s (何韻詩) love life. The 35-year-old spoke publicly about her sexual orientation at the gay pride parade and it led speculations on her relationship with close friend, Joey Yung (容祖兒).

Nominated for the Best Leading Actress, Denise attended the Golden Horse Award last week. She was seen spending a night at Taiwanese actress, Deng Jiuyun’s (鄧九雲) apartment.

Is Taiwanese actress Denise’s new love?

After attending the celebration of the Golden Horse Award at Yilan, Denise got onto a car at 2 am and travelled to Jiuyun’s apartment at Taipei Mucha. Denise reportedly spent the next 10 hours at Jiuyun’s place.

Denise and Jiuyun were seen walking out together from the apartment the next afternoon. While Jiuyun held her dog on her arms, Denise went over to kiss the dog. Jiuyun reportedly gently held onto Denise’s waist, in which the latter reciprocated by giving her a hug. The pair was photographed leaning their faces close to each other, drawing wild guesses if they were kissing.

Denise reportedly had also disclosed before to a close friend that she loved the Taiwanese actress’ gentle disposition. Whenever Denise travelled to Taipei, she allegedly would stay over at Jiuyun’s place.

Jiuyun denied romance with Denise

Rumours between Denise and Jiuyun began after starring together in musical play, Jia Bao Yu . Dispelling Jiuyun’s romantic relationship with Denise, Jiuyun’s manager said, “Denise took care of Jiuyun when she was in Hong Kong. Jiuyun can’t be distancing away from Denise after she announced her sexual orientation. When Denise came to Taiwan, Jiuyun of course had to play host to her”.

Asked on the intimate photograph between Denise and Jiuyun, Jiuyun’s manager responded, “We all behave like that and are only friends but we will not kiss”.

Speaking about the rumour, Jiuyun responded through her manager yesterday, “I am helpless. I hope that the rumour will not continue again”.

Source: appledaily.com.tw

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