Did Shu Qi have a fight with Stephen Fung?

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Shu Qi’s recent posts on Facebook have led to speculations if her marriage with Stephen Fung is on the rocks.

On June 13, Shu Qi wrote, “Do not vent your emotions on others, even if it’s your closed one. Nobody deserves to be your punching bag.”

Next day, she wrote again, “It’s easier said that done. If you are always not happy, it’s better to part ways because you have chosen not to see the other half’s strengths. However, life is short. It’s better to be happy.”

After reading Shu Qi’s posts, many netizens have started to speculate if she and Stephen had a fight. After realising that her posts have led to speculations, Shu Qi clarified on her Facebook today.

She said, “I merely just read a piece of article from a book. The words that I read do not represent my life okay? Thank you.”

Source: On.cc

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