Stephen Fung flaunts wedding ring sweetly

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Stephen Fung and Shu Qi shocked everyone when they suddenly announced their marriage on September 3, 2016.

The couple got married in Prague, where Stephen was directing his new movie, The Adventurers <俠盜聯盟> in which Shu Qi is the lead actress in the movie. Even the cast and production crew were not aware of their wedding.

The producer, Terence Chang said, “They were really secretive, and hid it well from everyone. There was no trace before that, and we were filming everyday. They actually had the time to get married. We only had one day break yesterday [referring to September 3].”

On September 4, Stephen also thanked everyone on his Weibo. He wrote, “Thank you media and our friends for your blessings. I am rushing to film the movie in a forest. Thank you all so much.”

He also posted a photo of himself directing the movie in a forest. What caught netizens’ eyes was his sparkling wedding band.


Shu Qu and Stephen have known each other for 20 years, and they were said to be dating for four years. According to media report, Shu Qi had a special place in Stephen’s heart even when he was dating Karen Mok 10 years ago.

During an interview at that time, Stephen specifically mentioned that Shu Qi was his soulmate besides his girlfriend, Karen. He knew her since 1997, and even initiated to ask for her number and often dated her out. As both stayed nearby, Shu Qi would seek Stephen’s help whenever her home appliances were spoiled.

Stephen would also be by her side whenever she fell out of love. Stephen once said, “Whenever she is unhappy, I will accompany her to drink. When she got drunk, I would be responsible to drive her home safely.”







Source: Ettoday

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  1. HelloMe Reply

    I am super excited they got married!! Stephen and Shu Qi are a perfect match for each other. I cannot wait to see them having kids soon!! Their children will turn out good looking just like their mom and dad!!