Donnie Yen and Uma Thurman ‘exchange blows’

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Yesterday, Kill Bill star Uma Thurman was in Hong Kong to attend the Power of Film charity dinner. It was also the first time in which the American actress met up with Hong Kong action star, Donnie Yen.

The two stars started to ‘exchange blows’ upon meeting each other. Donnie first pulled out a Samurai sword and Uma humorously wielded a sword and pretended to attack Donnie’s face.

Uma praised Donnie for his passion in the filming industry and said that she had heard of his name. Asked if she hoped to collaborate with Donnie one day, Uma said, “It’s been a long time since I filmed action movies. I am filming more comedy movies nowadays, but Kill Bill is a good movie. Maybe it’s time that I start to film the action movies.”

Uma has worked with Hong Kong martial artist, Gordon Liu in the movie, Kill Bill. When she heard that Gordon had suffered from a stroke, she expressed her concern. “I hope that he will recover soon. We have many good memories together. He is very talented.”

On the other hand, Donnie also praised Uma for having no airs and even introduced herself to him. Asked how he felt about Uma’s fighting skills, Donnie said, “Of course it is good. Didn’t you watch Kill Bill?”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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