Donnie Yen to star as a Jedi in Star Wars 8!

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According to Apple Daily, Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen will star in Episode VIII of the Star Wars movie franchise.

The Ip Man star reportedly will play a Jedi, who befriends Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford. The filming will commence next month, and is expected to hit the cinemas in May 2017.

The report said that Donnie won the role over Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Chang Chen, Daniel Wu, Leehom Wang, Jet Li and Stephen Chow. Donnie and Jet were considered due to their martial arts skills and proficiency in English.

Jet reportedly has asked for a fee of US$10 million, as compared to Donnie’s US$4 million fee. The role was eventually awarded to Donnie, who will be flying to London for the shooting next month.

Disney was said to have confirmed Donnie for the role last month, and Donnie had also signed an confidentiality agreement not to reveal the news.

Disney reportedly contacted Donnie at the beginning of this year when he was still filming Ip Man 3. Donnie was also said to have declined several lucrative film offers for Star Wars. 

Source: Apple Daily, HK Channel

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