Donnie Yen lavishes wife with HK$135 million property

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Doting husband, Donnie Yen recently lavished his wife, Cecilia Wang with a HK$135 million landed detached house at Mountain Davis Road, Hong Kong. A source revealed that Cecilia owns 80% of the property, whereas Donnie owns only 20%.

Through a tele-interview, Cecilia admitted that the couple had bought the million dollar property but is still deciding to move in or lease out the property.

Cecilia said, “I always like the idea of moving into a bigger house. It will be more convenient when my parents-in-laws return to Hong Kong. However, we have not decided to move in or lease out.”

The couple is also lucky that they have avoided the property cooling measures which were rolled out by the Hong Kong government last month. As they purchased the property before cooling measures, they managed to save HK$5.73 million of stamp duties!

Cecilia also intended to invest in office building and factories, but abolished the idea after the implementation of the new cooling measures.

“I thought of investing in shops, but the priority is still on family.  Everything is so expensive now. After buying this property, we have exhausted our savings.”

Cecilia added, “I am quite muddle-headed as a wife. After buying such an expensive property, the pressure is on my husband to film more movies to support the property. Haha…. I am not giving him a break!”

 Source: Oriental Daily 

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    my wife also do that to me….