Gigi Ho ‘ditches’ Edwin Siu upon seeing paparazzi

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Edwin Siu and Gigi Ho are rumoured to be in a relationship for two years and have been photographed many times together. Recently, tabloids reported that Gigi’s father had objected his daughter of seeing Edwin.

Despite Mr Ho’s objection, the couple was sighted together at the Sha Tin Racecourse, Hong Kong on 1 April 2013. Gigi and Edwin reportedly behaved intimately and took many photographs using their mobile phones. However, upon seeing paparazzi, Gigi immediately moved away from Edwin and walked in the left direction. Edwin, on the other hand, quickly walked to the opposite direction. The couple made a big turn before rejoining their friends, but refused to allow the reporters to take photographs.

Asked why Gigi reacted so panicky, Edwin explained, “Maybe it was because of the earlier report. (Why don’t you see Mr Ho?) I don’t know, maybe he is very busy lately.”

Edwin also said that the rumour was untrue and he praised Mr Ho for being a nice man. He shared that Mr Ho had imparted him some knowledge on horse racing.

Gigi later clarified that her father was present that day, but did not meet up with them as he had to entertain his friends.

Asked if her father had objected their relationship, Gigi said, “Please do not say that. My father always gives me and my sister a lot of freedom and never intervenes in our private lives. I entered into the horse racing industry when I was 19. I don’t have to wait till now to know any rich guys.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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  1. Jan Reply

    Edwin and Gigi do look like an ideal couple. I don#t know why they are denying being a couple, does this really make any difference to their careers?