Golden Melody Awards: Jolin Tsai, Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin and Jam Hsiao shockingly dropped out of Best Singer categories

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Nominations for the 26th Golden Melody Awards <金曲獎> were released yesterday.

Jolin Tsai’s Play<呸> album leads the Golden Melody Awards nominees and receives 9 nominations. Although her album receives recognition from the judging panel, it was shocking to see that she was dropped out of the Best Mandarin Female Singer nomination.

Chief judge, Sky Wu said the production and music arrangement in Jolin’s album was very creative, and praised her for her stable performance, juggling with dancing and singing at the same time. Sky also expressed that it was a “regret” that she was not able to be nominated for the Best Mandarin Female Singer category.

Stefanie Sun, who was seen as a hot favourite was also not nominated for the Best Mandarin Female Singer. Stefanie’s Kepler <克卜勒> was seen “average” by the judges and did not have any surprise for the panel. Stefanie was surprised being excluded from the Best Mandarin Female Singer category, but was happy that she was nominated in the Best Single Producer.


Last year’s Best Mandarin Male Singer, JJ Lin was surprisingly not nominated in the same category this year. However, Eason Chan’s album Rice & Shine <米。閃>, which JJ helped to to produce, is nominated as Best album and Best composer.

JJ said, “I felt my efforts are recognised with Eason’s nominations. However, I also put in a lot of efforts in my own album, especially in the production aspect. I am a little disappointed that it’s not being recognised.”

Best known for his powerful vocals, Jam Hsiao was shockingly not nominated in any categories.

A-Mei, A-Lin, Jacky Cheung and Eason Chan are currently hot favourites for the Best Mandarin Female Singer and Best Mandarin Male Singer.

26th Golden Melody Awards: Nominations of major award categories 

Best Song of the Year 

Play <Play我呸> (Jolin Tsai)
Search notice <尋人啟事> (Lala Hsu)
The Rest of Time <用餘生去愛> (Jacky Cheung)
Faces of Paranoia <偏執面> (A-Mei)
Island’s Sunrise <島嶼天光> (Fire Ex)

Best Mandarin Album 

Play <Play我呸> (Jolin Tsai)
Search notice <尋人啟事> (Lala Hsu)
Wake Up Dreaming (Jacky Cheung)
Rice & Shine <米。閃> (Eason Chan)
Aiyo, Not Bad <哎呦,不錯哦> (Jay Chou)
Departures <不散,不見> (Karen Mok)

Best Mandarin Male Singer 

Jacky Cheung (Wake Up Dreaming)
Eason Chan (Rice & Shine 米。閃)
Khalil Fong (Dangerous World 危險世界)
William Wei (Some fear 有所畏)
Roger Yang (Beast in the dark 沈睡的野獸)

Best Mandarin Female  Singer 

Lala Hsu (Search notice 尋人啟事>)
Waa Wei (Still want to believe in love 還是要相信愛情啊混蛋們)
A-Mei (Faces of Paranoia 偏執面)
Karen Mok (Departures 不散,不見)
A-Lin(Guilt 罪惡感)

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