Tavia Yeung troubled by baby not drinking milk

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Tavia Yeung and Him Law recently celebrated their baby girl’s 100th day after birth, and shared their family photos with fans.

Like first time mother, Tavia is troubled by her baby not drinking milk. She took to her social media to ask advice from netizens.

“Can anyone tell me how do you handle baby who dislikes milk? We have already tried changing formula milk and changed the bottle teats. Tried feeding in a quiet room, feeding while sleeping, feeding less but more frequent, and daddy even resorted to dancing! What else do we need to do? The bottle teats have become her weapon!”

After her post was out, many netizens gave all sorts of advice to her. Some also ask her to take it calmly, as it is only a passing phase.

Her fellow celebrity friends, Sharon Chan, Myolie Wu, Jazz Lam and Joel Chan also responded to encourage her.

Sharon said, “She dislikes milk so fast? Does she want to eat already?”

Jazz laughed at the baby photo and said her baby girl looked drunk.

Source: SkyPost

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