Him Law remembers Tavia Yeung’s birthday

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Yesterday, it was Tavia Yeung’s (杨怡) 33th birthday celebration. When asked what day falls on 30 August, Him answered without a second thought, “Tavia’s birthday.” Him was blushed when the reported teased him that he only meant to remind him about the lunar 7th month festival.

As Him Law (罗仲谦) was working on that day, he did not celebrate Tavia’s birthday together. How will Him make it up to Tavia? Him replied, “No, I will just treat her to a dinner. I did text her a birthday greeting, but we have to arrange a time to meet as both of us need to work.”

Tavia had earlier indicated that she would like to have a ring for her birthday gift. Responding to it, Him said, “When I spot something suitable during shopping, I will buy. I do not need to wait for birthday. However, it is always a courtesy to buy a gift.”

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