Inside story on Joe Chen and Louis Koo’s romance!

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The romance of Hong Kong movie star, Louis Koo and Taiwan TV queen, Joe Chen has hit the headlines across tabloids.

According to Ming Pao, the couple has secretly dated for two years and is in a serious relationship! The couple was introduced by a mutual friend in 2010, and started dating six months later. Despite in a long distance relationship, Louis and Joe allegedly will try to squeeze in some time for each other.

In November 2010, Louis and Joe reportedly went to a hospital in Beijing to visit a Chinese physician. The couple later met up with their friends. Although Louis and Joe kept their relationship in secret, they allegedly behaved like a couple in front of friends. Joe was also invited to Louis’ birthday party two years ago.

Efforts to maintain the long distance relationship 

Although Joe focuses her acting career in China in recent years, she would try to take time off to visit Louis in Hong Kong. Joe has also taken Louis with her on a meal with Louis Cha, better known by his pen name as Jin Yong. When Louis is free, he would also fly over to Taiwan to meet up with Joe.

At the end of last year, Joe specially visited Louis in Thailand when he was filming Inferno 3D <逃出生天>. A filming crew revealed that Joe was sighted at the same hotel which Louis was staying.

Louis views Joe as marriage partner?  

Joe allegedly has mentioned to her friend that she was attracted to Louis as he was a filial son. She was also drawn by his attentiveness and loyalty. On the other hand, Louis found Joe a special woman.

An insider revealed, “Louis found Joe different from other women and that she has a special personality. Besides having a forthright character, Joe is also naive and does not harbour any motives towards others. Louis also likes that Joe has given him a lot of space in their relationship. Hence, he sees her as a potential marriage partner.”

Louis reminds Joe to keep relationship confidential 

Last year in August, Joe accidentally let out her relationship on Weibo.

She wrote, “When you fall in love, you will naturally worry about him. You will worry if he is exhausted or worry if you are not attentive. You will worry if you will miss his call, and worry if he thinks too much or thinks too less. The feeling is both sweet and frightening. Loving you will naturally worry about you. If he or she stops worrying about you one day, will you be scared?”

After reading the post, Louis allegedly urged Joe not to pen her thoughts on Weibo again as it might cause the public to think that she had a boyfriend.

Reason for their ‘Cold War’ 

Tabloids earlier reported that Joe was furious that he went on a date with Michelle Chen. Sandra Ng, in a variety programme, shared that she was trying to matchmake Louis with Michelle and the pair had started going on meals together.

An inside source, however, disclosed that Louis was not at all interested at Michelle and Joe did not believe in the rumours either. So, what was the reason causing a strain in their relationship?

“As Louis had too many movies on hand, he did not have much time for Joe. The girl will naturally complain and led to a tiff. Both parties just refused to give in and did not wish to take the first step to call one another, but they did not break up!”

The insider also revealed that Wallace Huo had tried to reconcile with Joe. However, Joe has rejected Wallace as she is still in love with Louis.

Both Louis and Joe declined to respond on the rumours.

Source: Ming Pao Vol 2315

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