Charmaine Sheh’s limelight stolen by Korean model, Clara Lee

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Charmaine Sheh, Louis Koo and Korean model Clara Lee were filming the movie, Line Walker <使徒行者> in Macau.

In this scene, Charmaine who reprised her role as Ding Jie, bumped into Louis at the swimming pool. As this scene was cancelled three times because of rain, the working crew joked that it was the two stars who invited the rain.

Wearing a swimsuit, Charmaine was initially worried that the audience would spot her bruises, as she suffered some cuts during the filming process.

She said, “It’s my first time wearing a swimsuit on the big screen. In the previous action scenes, my hands, legs and thighs had bruises. I was still thinking how to conceal these bruises when I wore the swimsuit? Luckily, the filming was delayed because of the rain, and my bruises had slowly subsided. I can present my best to the audience!”

Charmaine’s arch enemy in the film, Clara also wore a swimsuit in the film. However, Clara’s swimwear was more revealing, which flaunted her cleavage, and she stole Charmaine’s limelight in this scene. The men at the filmset also turned their heads and glanced at Clara, when she walked past them.







Source:, HK Channel

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  1. Jenniquack Reply

    I think that’s what they wanted to achieve with this scene? But I wouldn’t say she stole the limelight because obviously not everybody may be impressed with Clara. And Charmaine’s Ding Jeh is cute and witty, which she may showcase to the maximum in this scene, who knows. To each their own.

  2. TriciaQiling Reply

    That Korean model has fake cleavage, excessively cheating. Clara Lee obviously is using ugly digital breast implants to make her breasts look six times falsely bigger. That model is not as slim as Charmaine Sheh. Charmaine has a more beautiful figure and face than that Clara Lee. Clara Lee looks okay but is not pretty and not that sexy. As a Chinese Asian girl, I have a more slender and beautiful figure and bigger cleavage and nicer face than that Korean model, Clara Lee. Also, Charmaine Sheh trimmed her hair versus Clara Lee who has long hair, ridiculously taller than men. Men, some who are medium average height or taller are often significantly taller than women, the ones who are average height, not tall, not short, taller than many.

    1. Noname Reply

      You sound really bitter. Go drink some honey

    2. Cris Reply

      Are you a kid? This is the second comment I’ve read from you and you’re so full of sh*t… Always bashing foreigners.
      Why do you read the news in an English webpage? Stick to your language if you don’t like what’s outside of your country, is pointless.
      Your bigotry is outstanding. I applaud you.