Jacqueline Wong admits going to Johnson Lee’s house for dinner

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Recently, Johnson Lee admitted that he had brought Jacqueline Wong back to his house for dinner. However, the TVB actor denied that they were in a relationship.

Attending an event, Jacqueline became the attention of the media as she was probed about her rumours with Johnson. Even the other guests, Maria Cordero and Luk Ho Ming also teased Jacqueline.

Maria said, “Are you sure there is nothing between you and Johnson? A girl went to the mother’s house for dinner and you are not [his girlfriend]?”

Ho Ming also joked that he should maintain a distance with Jacqueline, in case Johnson misunderstood.

Jacqueline laughed at their jokes. “Everyone is teasing me. (Aren’t you embarrassed?) No, I did go to his house for dinner.”

However, Jacqueline said that she had gone with a group of colleagues to Johnson’s house for dinner. She even praised the cooking of Johnson’s mother.

“Her food was delicious and she even made soup for all of us,” said Jacqueline.

Jacqueline stressed that she and Johnson were just good friends and sang praises of Johnson as well.

“He is funny, a doting son and a good man. (Will you consider dating him?) I have not considered this.”

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