Johnson Lee admits bringing Jacqueline Wong home for mum’s dinner

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Rumours of TVB artistes, Johnson Lee and Jacqueline Wong have been circling. The two Smooth Talker <以和為貴> stars are said to have dated for 3 months.

At the launch of his mother’s new cookbook, Johnson was grilled about his relationship with Jacqueline. When being teased that he had many rumours recently, Johnson replied, “Really? I’m such a bad son!”

Johnson said that he had not brought any girlfriends to meet his mother yet. “Not yet. It has to be official first then I will bring her home.”

At the cookbook launch, Johnson’s mother was also asked about her impression on Jacqueline, in which she responded that she did not know her.

Johnson said, “She knows her! Her memory is quite bad. She [Jacqueline] has been to my house for dinner. Maybe there are so many people so she can’t recognise.”

Asked how did Jacqueline find his mother’s cooking, Johnson replied comically, “Even if she does not find it nice, she still has to pretend to say ‘it’s good’. She has to carry on acting right?”


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