Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-ling spotted on a date last month?

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Although Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-ling broke up many years ago, their relationship has always been the attention of the public. Many fans also hope for the ex-couple to reconcile.

Recently, a netizen actually revealed that he bumped into Jerry and Chi-ling together at the sports field in Taipei Datong High School. The news got many fans excited.

When asked on his date with Chi-ling, Jerry simply replied, “Datong? I don’t even know where is it?” However, Jerry also did not reply if he did meet up with Chi-ling.

In a recent interview, Chi-ling admitted her past relationship with Jerry. When asked if her ex-boyfriends included businessman Qiu Shi Kai and Jerry Yan, Chi-ling shyly replied, “There is still my first boyfriend.”

The host, Mickey Huang shockingly said, “You are 40 years old and you only had 3 boyfriends?”

Chi-ling said, “Yes, because each relationship lasted 7 to 8 years. My youth was all spent there. Every relationship lasted a long time!”

Source: Sohu

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