Jerry Yan dating Japanese-Swiss model

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Has Jerry Yan completely got over with ex-girlfriend, Lin Chi-ling?

Since his days in F4, Jerry has been linked to Chi-ling and they have been rumoured to have split and patched back for the last few years. A recent Taiwanese tabloid suggests that Jerry has moved on from his romance with Chi-ling and is currently seeing a Japanese-Swiss model for six months.

36-year-old Jerry and 27-year-old Shoko first hooked up at a friend’s gathering at end of 2012. Jerry was quickly mesmerised by the model’s sweet smile, and the usual shy Jerry actually initiated a talk with her.

Subsequently, Jerry got her number from his friend and often texted her messages. He had also been eagerly learning Japanese so that he could chat with her easily.

While courting Shoko, Jerry often showered her with his words of concern. He would also request his friends to take her around in Taiwan when he had work in China. When they have officially dating, Jerry reportedly selected a NT$30,000 watch for his new girlfriend.

To keep their relationship underground, the couple reportedly often spend time at Jerry’s place or arranged to meet up in overseas when they are travelling.

In June, Shoko reportedly broke down in tears when her company decided to send her back to her Japan’s modelling agency. Jerry assured her that he would visit her regularly in Japan.

On her rumours with Jerry, Shoko’s manager responded, “We are not able to contact her as she is in Japan currently. The company will not interfere in our artiste’s personal lives. She is a good girl and there is nothing to worry about.”

Jerry’s manager has not responded on the matter.

Source: Ettoday 

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  1. jeza Reply

    You are my ultimate crush… Hope to watch all you tv series here in Philippines

  2. Sukie Abesamis Palad Reply

    its about time he gets married, he is 37 yrs old. and start a family right away. When I saw his latest drama Loving and Never forgetting, i thought that he really should get married, it will be a waste in his genes if he doesnt. Sana kamukha din nya ang anak nya.

  3. maryjane Reply

    oh,ohhh…jerry yan my daoming si has another girl friend…not too bad!Thats life of being handsome and cute Daoming si!huhuhu i think he’s fallen inlove with that girl.Spending NT30000 price just to buy watch as gift to her…he’s so lovable guy…keep up your good works daoming si!