Jerry Yan reveals his inferiority complex affects his past relationship with Lin Chi-ling

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Recently, Jerry Yan promoted his new drama, My Best Ex-Boyfriend <最佳前男友> and unusually disclosed his love life.

Due to his poor family background and coming from a single-parent family, Jerry has developed an inferiority complex and a strong character that has to win. In his younger days, he would flare up easily when he lost basketball games.

As he lacked confidence and often kept things to himself, he would use an indifferent way to express his love and concern to his girlfriend. Even when his mum was sick, he would fiercely told her, “Why don’t you see a doctor?” or “Why didn’t you listen.”

His words would come across as ungentle and uncaring towards his other half, but deep down, Jerry was truly concerned about her.

Gradually, Jerry realised that he might have to change his approach in relationship. He understands now that looks does not matter in a relationship, as it is most important to give happiness to the other party.


Being a conservative man, Jerry does not know how to express his love. Even simple words such as “I miss you”, Jerry does not dare to say it out. Jerry also said he did not know how to say “I love you” to his mum too.

There was once he was very inspired by an article that persuaded people to hug their mums. When he went home, he immediately hugged his mum. His mum was so astonished and said, “Did you take the wrong medicine?”

In Jerry’s past relationship, he preferred to show his love by action, rather than sweet-talking.

“If I am nice to a girl, I will ride on my motorbike to a faraway place to buy the food she likes. Even if it rains and I am drenched, it doesn’t matter. At that time, I was a F4 member, and I would still do such trivial matter. That girl was very touched. I was using action and not my mouth to express my love,” said Jerry.

Jerry also described a scene in My Best Ex-Boyfriend, in which he was so immersed in the role that he ended up crying continuously. In that scene, Jerry was not able to be at the side of his love interest when she met an accident.


His words drew association to his ex-girlfriend Lin Chi-ling’s injury when she fell down from a horse fall in 2005. In an interview, Chi-ling shared that after her accident, she was hurt by the words of her close one, who was widely speculated to be Jerry.

At that time, Jerry was filming The Hospital <白色巨塔> and specially took leave to visit Chi-ling. To create a smokescreen, Jerry also asked his friends to accompany him to the hospital in case there was paparazzi around. However, his harsh words might have hurt Chi-ling who was injured at that time.

When asked if he had thought of that particular horse accident, Jerry smiled and did not respond.

Jerry is now craving for a stable relationship, and hopes to find a significant half whom he can set-up a family with. He also cited Jay Chou as his role model for settling down at an ideal age.

Jerry also hopes that in the near future, he is able to cast aside “the eyes of the public” and “being madly in love for once.”

Source: Apple Daily

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