Joey Yung in distress over bisexual speculations

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After Denise Ho’s  (何韻詩) public declaration of her homosexual status at the gay pride parade last week, Joey Yung (容祖兒) was thrust into the spotlight for her sexual orientation. Denise and Joey were rumoured to be in a 5-year relationship but allegedly broke off this year. Joey is currently dating Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍) who used to court Denise many years back.

After Denise declared her sexual orientation, the media was curious about the sexual orientation of her good friend, Joey. Asked if Joey was a bisexual, Denise gave a shocking reply, “It’s difficult to respond”.

Joey went missing for days

Joey and her boyfriend Wilfred were vacationing in South Korea during the gay pride parade. Joey reportedly hid away from the public after returning to Hong Kong a few days ago. The singer was said to be in distress when she learnt about Denise’s ambiguous reply on her sexual orientation.

The public speculations on her bisexuality has caused Joey an emotion breakdown. She reportedly locked herself up and spent her day shouting away at home.

Joey’s manager, Mani responded on her behalf, “Joey will not take any interviews these few days. She is very emotional now”.

Asked if Joey was deeply affected by Denise’s public declaration, Mani replied, “Joey respects Denise’s decision. She will of course support her friend but her comments have caused mental distress to Joey. She has an emotional breakdown and it hurts all of us to see her like this.”

Mani added, “I felt that this was a personal action taken by Ms Ho. Although her actions have alleviated her stress and release herself, she has transferred the pressure onto Joey.This is so unfair. If she still treats Joey as a friend, I hope that she will not talk about Joey ever again”.

Source: orientaldaily

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