Joey Yung lashes out at Chapman To for his insensitive joke

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Chapman To’s causal joke has infuriated Joey Yung so much so that she declared him as her “most hated person in the entertainment industry!”

Two days ago, Joey and Chapman were guest performers at Ronald Ng’s concert. Before singing a Joey’s song, Chapman cracked a joke on her to the audience.

“Two years ago, I asked Joey’s boss, Albert Yeung to pump in money for the movie, Diva <DIVA華麗之後>. I said that I would groom Joey to win the Best Actress award, but it turned out that she did not win the award. Instead, I was the crowned the Best Actor. She just realised at the back stage that I had taken advantage of her, So I am going to dedicate this song to her. I hope that she will never meet such a bad guy like me again.”

Yesterday, Joey lashed out angrily at Chapman on her Facebook. “Democratic hero, Chapman To. I will always do my part well and will do my best if others give me an opportunity. I was never after the Best Actress award when I filmed Diva. You are an adult. When will you learn to stay out of trouble and not to step on others to make yourself look better. You helped me once and I am grateful, but it is not your first time hurting others for your pleasure.”

Joey added, “I really cannot tolerate it anymore. No matter how you try to change your image, you are the most hated person in the entertainment industry!”

Knowing that he had cracked an insensitive joke, Chapman immediately apologised to Joey on his Facebook.

“I would like to extend my most sincere apologies to Ms Joey Yung. I am not asking for forgiveness, but I hope that you are doing well. I am sorry.”

After a few hours, Chapman apologised again to Joey. “I have reflected on myself after this incident. I let my friend and my job down. I will be cautious in future.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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