Kate garners votes: “Please vote for number 8 – Kate Tsui”

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Kate garners votes: "Please vote for number 8 - Kate Tsui"

TVB splurged a million dollar Poon Choi feast (Big Bowl feast) for 2 days and invited over 2,000 artistes and employees to attend. During the first day banquet, Kate Tsui looked like a politician and urged people to vote for her for the TV Queen award!

Although TVB has expressed its objection against the issuance of the new broadcasting licenses, several of its artistes including Raymond Lam, Fala Chen has supported the release of new licences. As such, TVB sent a text message to all its artistes to “friendly remind” them of the company’s stand.

At the feast yesterday, Kate echoed the company’s stand and objected the release of more broadcasting licenses. “The Hong Kong market is not that big. Too many TV stations will create a fierce competition”.

Kate added that the competition would result in the decline of TVB’s advertising revenue, “It will also affect our income directly. I hope that the government can seriously consider the issue”.

Kate also took the opportunity to garner votes like a politican at the feast. Wearing a sash with her name printed on it and holding a loud speaker, Kate shouted, “Please vote for number 8 – Kate Tsui!”

Asked if she would solicit vote from TVB Executive Chairman, Norman Leung, Kate replied, “I will talk to him. I am very daring!”

Kate also said that she had called her overseas friends to vote for her too. “Even if I do not know them, it’s fine. Just give me their identification card numbers,” said Kate jokingly.

When teased if she was being thick-skin, Kate said, “Not at all. It’s all for the spirit of game. Everyone can interact too”.

Source: on.cc

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