Kate Tsui denies dating Spanish guy

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Kate Tsui was rumoured to be dating a Spanish guy after intimate photos of them surfaced. Reports also said that Kate and her new boyfriend had travelled to Spain to visit his parents. Her new boyfriend would often post photos with Kate on his Instagram too.

The Spanish man has since dismissed the rumours with Kate. Currently in Malaysia, Kate has also denied the rumours, and clarified her relationship with him.

“Are you joking? He is my subordinate, helping me with my jewellery business. Now that there’s such news, I will fire him. He has just completed his 3 months probation, but he is too handsome. I will fire him! He is helping me with the branding of my jewellery line.”

Kate denied travelling to Spain with him, and said that she was on a holiday with friends.

Asked on their intimate photos, Kate said, “We are sisters! (Have you considered dating a foreigner?) I am fine. It doesn’t necessary have to be a Chinese, but I have not tried liking a foreigner.”

On her love life, Kate said, “There are people chasing me, but I don’t feel anxious. I don’t feel the need to get married yet. I have gone for dates, but I have not found someone suitable yet.”

Kate’s contract with TVB has ended in August last year, and she was rumoured to have signed with Shaw Brothers. Kate said that she is still busy with her jewellery business, and she is not anxious about signing any agency contract at the moment.


Source: On.cc

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  1. TriciaQiling Reply

    Various Chinese Asian men, the ones who are loyal to their Asian Chinese values, have more handsome and fuller and cuter faces, dark brown/black eyes, and more handsome figures. Kate Tsui is wrong that the Spanish man is too (no, no) handsome! That Spanish man who is average looking face and his body is weird and stands in a feminine way-it does not matter if he is younger than her.

    1. Cris Reply

      Firstly, you don’t need to insult the guy to enhance Chinese men, who are loyal to their Asian Chinese values, of course (double insult lol). It’s just so sad.
      Secondly, I’d say that this guy is gay. I cannot say it for certain but to me he looks like it.

      1. Lulugo Reply

        Yeah, I get da gay vibe from the guy too. He probably works in the jewellery industry and is collaborating with her to create pieces.